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About Novacoin - Our History, Vision & Mission

  • Novacoin (NVC) is designed to be a simple and reliable currency that facilitates efficient peer-to-peer transactions while providing a cryptographically secured, long-term store of value
  • Novacoin is a transparent, open-source network, in operation since February 5, 2013 and created by an all-star team led by the developer Balthazar
  • Novacoin utilizes hybrid Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) methodology for block generation, with block times of approximately 1,800 seconds (PoW) and about 600 seconds (PoS). In fact, Novacoin was the second known cryptocurrency to employ the hybrid PoW / PoS paradigm!
  • There was no premine, and while the maximum supply is technically not limited, the difficulty equation makes the attainment of the pre-determined cap highly unlikely for decades (if not centuries). In fact, following more than 8 years of continuous mining and staking, only about 2.3 million coins were generated.
  • More recently, community discussions led us to pursue multi-platform tokenization (MPT) strategy. This strategy ensures long-term viability of NVC by introducing its value to various Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms (e.g., BEP-20) while preserving the importance of the original UTXO blockchain (which will remain the sole coin generating mechanism)
  • Since 2018, Novacoin is a member of the EWMCI Crypto Ecosystem – A global cryptocurrency platform that focuses on development, infrastructure, and use cases for participating core projects (more info at )
  • Novacoin is also included in EWMCI Bronze , EWX-18 indices